Watch Mor Chikin

Now these are my kind of Care Bears!

Now these are my kind of Care Bears!

Damn you Sheena!!!!

When I did my Retro TV Ad Tuesday tribute to Snuggle Bear back in November, Sheena was reminded of a sketch from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim mainstay “Robot Chicken”.  Naturally, my curiosity go the best of me, so I looked it up.  Oh my God, I was not in the least prepared for what I saw!

So inappropriate…. so wrong….. so incredibly messed up…..

And so fucking hilarious!

I can’t believe it took me 6 months and the boredom of checking out some of my past posts to come across that again… only this time I decided to click on some of the other suggested videos to check out more of what Robot Chicken had to offer.  But I’m sure glad I did, because I killed almost four hours I should have been using to work on this week’s ESN comic laughing my fucking ass off by clicking on sketch after sketch after sketch…

Me watching Robot Chicken.

Me watching Robot Chicken.

There are many shows out there that mock pop culture and childhood nostalgia by mashing them together, but if there is one that does it better than Robot Chicken does, I’ll eat my fluffy tail on a five dollar footlong bun.  The stop motion animation sequences using characters from familiar genres right down to the minorest of minor players is brilliant in itself.  I completely lost count of how many different skits I watched, but by the time I finally dragged my ass to bed, I had seen just about every childhood memory of mine roasted and toasted to fucked up perfection while wishing I had worn my Depends.

I saw the Care Bears use genocide against the Care Bear Cousins, the Fraggles get kicked out of their underworld home, Mario and Luigi get caught up in Grant Theft Auto, the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion sent off to do time in Oz, Santa’s drug cartel a la Rankin Bass, and what may have been my absolute favorite given my love for both of the elements included… Hogan’s Heroes meets the WWF’s glory days of the 80’s.

I swear I screamed loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood when “Macho Man” Randy Savage did his “Snap into a Slim Jim!” spiel…

Oh yeah!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!

Ha!  In freezing the video to capture that still, I just noticed the “Got a penny, leave a penny” dish on the counter!  Fans of my comics know how much I love the little details that make something funny even better!

Obviously, this show isn’t for everyone.  Heck, it may not even be for most people who tend to wear bunched up panties.  You’ve really got to be able to put aside all of your hang ups and anything you might get offended over…. and I mean anything.  Robot Chicken, is rude, crude, gratuitously cartoonishly violent, sexually explicit, and completely politically incorrect.  It will also destroy your childhood… it is incredible just how many kids shows and toys from the past 30 years, even the obscure ones like Monchichis, get hilariously incorporated into very outlandish adult situations.

Gasp!  Jem is no longer truly outrageous.

Gasp! Jem is no longer truly outrageous.

No matter how hard I try with my own brand of quirkily cute and fucked up, I can never ever dream of attaining the level of awesome delivered by the geniuses behind Robot Chicken.  If you’ve never seen this series before, you’ve just got to check it out for yourself!  Just remember to bring the eye bleach, Mama!  Thank you Sheena for showing me the light, even if I will now lose a lot of my free time until I see every RC skit that YouTube has in its vast archives…

Sally channeling Kathy Bates!?!?  Seriously, you've got to see this one to believe it!

Sally channeling Kathy Bates!?!? Seriously, you’ve got to see this one to believe it!


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14 Responses to Watch Mor Chikin

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Wait, you had never seen RC before? I thought it was just that sketch! My lord, man, if I had known I would have intervened earlier.

    My kid was obsessed with the gummy bear getting caught in the bear trap sketch for a while (yeah, yeah, I’m a Gummy Bear AAAAAAAAAAACK!). Sadly, he can do a pretty good imitation of the snuggle bear in that sketch too.

    Please tell me you also watched the Star Wars versions…(please?)

    • I haven’t seen the full episode one yet (though I saw a short sketch SW takeoff during my binge last night). but I will definitely check it out when I have enough time….

      I usually have to be beaten across the head with a shovel to try anything new. Thanks for knocking some sense into me!

  2. Mental Mama says:

    Robot Chicken is so wrong on so very many levels…

  3. I like the care bears, I mean just being “cute” is not enough :o) I never heard about RC, but I’m probably a fan lol, thanks for sharing

  4. The Cutter says:

    Haven’t watched it in a few years, but I certainly loved me some Robot Chicken. Any time they did something with G.I. Joe I pretty much lost it.

  5. As an anti-Family Guy guy, I haven’t given Robot Chicken much of a chance (it has some connections to FG as far as the staff and writers etc.). The sketches I’ve seen were a bit hit and miss, but I particularly liked the one with Jar Jar Binks and Darth Vader. Considering the topics you’ve blogged about before, you must watch that one!

    • If you are referring to the one where Jar Jar keeps pestering Vader (his old buddy “Ani”), forcing Vader to finally off him only to have Jar Jar come back in Star Wars’ infamous ghostly form to continue his pain in the assery…. I have seen that one and I love it! I imagine it would be the worst nightmare of a few of my deepest Jar Jar haters….

      The more I’ve seen (I’ve probably watched well over 100 RC sketches now), the more I see there are a handful of turds out there, but overall I’m still impressed with the level of comic genius… especially with almost all of the one incorporating nostalgic icons…

  6. draliman says:

    That’s a show I’ve always meant to watch. It will have to go to the top of the list now!

  7. I have a feeling that if this comes with a NSFW tag that makes it RNSFC (Really Not Safe For a Convent)!

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