Mixed Nuts


It’s been a while since I did a random musings post.  Since I had nothing better to discuss today, here’s a few things off the top of my squirrely head….

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First, here are the answers to the music video pictures I posted Monday….

  1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
  2. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow
  3. Material Girl (or Squirrel) – Madonna
  4. Addicted To Love – Robert Palmer
  5. The Warrior – Scandal w/Patti Smyth
  6. Walk The Dinosaur – Was (Not Was) (Everyone knee-jerks Walk Like An Egyptian for this one!)
  7. Groove is in the Heart – Dee-lite (Technically 1990, but who’s counting?)
  8. Physical – Olivia Newton-John
  9. I Love Rock & Roll – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
  10. Uptown Girl (or Squirrel) – Billy Joel
  11. She’s a Beauty – The Tubes
  12. Rockit – Herbie Hancock

I will see about posting the other batch sometime soon.  I want to watermark them first, and that’s where I’m getting lazy….

There will be no Tawny Kitaen...

There will be no Tawny Kitaen…

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I wanted to take this time to recognize the latest couple of blog awards I was nominated for.  First, to my friend Merby over at Knocked Over By a Feather for the nod on The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  And once again to my Aussie Aunt Sharon at Gentlestitches for The Illuminating Blogger Award.  While I no longer add awards to my collection, I’m still honored that others think of my humble little blog when they come up with their list of nominees.  Thank you very much ladies!

ES has the squirrels at his feet!

I’m still awaiting that Sexiest Blogger Alive nomination…..

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free lizzie


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I was finally able to get Becca’s and The Jeneral’s blogs added to my little shootin’ gallery over there on the sidebar.  Taking a look at it confirmed that my audience over here is beginning to resemble my main audience over at my other internet community as well.  About 3/4 of my real followers are female!  Heck, even growing up, the house was 5/7 female, so I guess I’m more in tune with what women want… or at least how to entertain them.  Of course, that doesn’t stop my preverted sense of humor….

The lady killer...

The lady killer…

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Words can not describe how much I HATE the upgrade Photobucket has recently done.  I’ve been using their site now for almost 5 years to store all my imagery junk (even paying for PRO status so I had unlimited storage) and this is how they treat me, with a piece of shit upgrade that takes away a lot of the features and functionality I loved about the old site????  I’m positive this was PB caving in to the fact that more and more people are uploading shit straight from their phones or Facebook or whatever, but that’s no reason to leave us dinosaurs out in the cold!  I want my old layout back!  I want easy links to my pictures I can embed on my message board again!  I NEED my bulk upload feature!!!!! (That holding down the CTRL button shit just doesn’t cut it)  Damn you , Photobucket!  Every time you asked me why I was switching back to the old format, I hit the “This piece of shit upgrade sucks unicorn balls” option, but I guess you didn’t listen to my feedback….

red squirrel devil

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! We are using your PRO money to install a squirrel filter!

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I’m thinking of creating another weekly feature with the totally unimaginative name “Flashback Friday”, to showcase something from days gone by that I have fond, or at least interesting memories of.   I’m about as nostalgic a person as anyone, so I’m sure I can come up with some wonderful relics from the past that probably only I remember….

Lite Brite + Goonies = Epic Awesome!

Lite Brite + Goonies = Epic Awesome!

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I’ve come to realize just how screwed I am if my several years old technology I’ve been drawing my artwork on for 5 years ever breaks down.  I tried out the newfangled version of MS Paint over at my parents’ house not too long ago (since they have a more recent computer than I do), and I was horrified at how complex it had become and how I’d probably never be able to do a picture like I do now were I to be forced to use it.  My version is what was available for most of the 00’s (on both my desktop and laptop I purchased in 2009) and I can’t live without it.  In that same vein, they are making mice that move the cursor at ludicrous speed across the screen.  It took me a while to adjust from the old ball mouse I had when I first started drawing in 2008 to the “faster” optic mouse I had to start using the following year.  I’m down to one last old mouse, and I’ve tried drawing with its replacement before…..

And.... it..... SUCKS!

And…. it….. SUCKS!

So here’s hoping my Ol’ Betsy style technology holds out for the long haul….

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Yesterday was the real Mini’s birthday.  Here’s what I made for her….

So much wrongness in this picture, it could only come from Evil Squirrel...

So much wrongness in this picture, it could only come from Evil Squirrel…

~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>  ~~/–\>

Why is it I have so many good ideas for blog posts when I’m not at the computer, then when I decided to do a freeform post, the stream of inspiration dries up like a nightcrawler on a hot sidewalk?


Come on, inspiration! Hit me!!!

Eh…. hopefully I can at least find a Saturday Squirrel for tomorrow.  Assuming I can wallow my way into my #&@$% Photobucket account….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Mixed Nuts

  1. merbear74 says:

    Your quite welcome, ladykiller! 😉

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    It’s simple. Ladies like you ’cause you’re the sexiest squirrel alive.

  3. dogfordavid says:

    great post 🙂 sorry to hear about photo bucket though. If you need a change, you can try the site I use for David’s page: http://www.postimage.org

    It’s free and has easy to use format. no bulk upload I am afraid but at least all the embed and direct links are easy to get to. Definitely not photobucket either I am afraid, but maybe it could help in light of pb deciding to “fix what wasn’t broken”?

    • Thanks, but I have so many images stored over there after all these years… including some I no longer have on my computer or anywhere else. I’ll just have to make do with their hot mess….

      • dogfordavid says:

        I can understand that feeling. I went through that a few years ago with both a yahoo image storing site and a site called snapfish. Technology truly is either our best friend or worst enemy so to speak. None of it seems to be able to be neutral.

  4. paulheels says:

    I write so much down on my phone, because I say ” ooh I will never forget this” then I do. But usually the “inspiration” is lost, and I can’t build upon my notes. Terribly bad cycle.

  5. gentlestitches says:

    Thank goodness you posted the answers! I see mow “the phone ringing in the middle of the night” rather than “Papa don’t preach” I am sorry you are getting mucked about with Photobucket. They are being very inconsiderate. I hope the next cartoon is Buster slapping his tail to safety. Naughty Mimi’s daughter!

  6. pishnguyen says:

    I love your random musings. 🙂

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