Roll Over Beethoven

It wasn’t about Buster! It’s never about Buster!

No, it isn’t Thursday… don’t let the re-use of last week’s comic fool you.  It’s Wednesday, the day I bore you to death with another shitty slide show of personal photos for The Nest’s Picture Day.

Though the Buster gag fooled a number of my readers… last week’s ESN comic wasn’t a tribute to possum carnage, but to the glory of watching a car’s odometer roll over to a nice round number.  Nest reader Ally Bean mentioned in the comments that she remembered exactly where she was the first time she rolled a car over to 100,000 miles.  I not only know exactly when and where my Neon first hit six digits, but I even have pictures (sort of) to commemorate the occasion!

Bad Housekeeping Seal Warning: Please ignore the decade’s worth of dust on my beloved car’s dashboard.  It isn’t its fault I never clean it…

I hope none of you have allergies.

That photo was taken right around 6:00 AM Central Standard Time on Thursday February 24, 2011 as I was driving down Interstate 44 past Lebanon, Missouri on my way to my then-annual Oklahoma meetup.  As you can see from the speedometer, I didn’t bother to pull over to take this photo……. no, I was cruising a rather swift (but still UNDER the speed limit) 65 mph while capturing this grand moment for all time on my shitty old camera.  You can see the odometer reads 099999, and the numbers are quite crooked as rotary dials tend to get when a major rollover is about to occur.

I’m glad this photo turned out so well (pardoning the dust), because the shot I took of 100K came out like absolute unicorn puke…

I think the camera sneezed as it took this…

That is 100,000 miles exactly, trust me.

And unfortunately, that major moment in my Neon’s life was about the highlight of that trip since I also got sick on the drive down, nearly got killed just missing an accident that had occurred in front of me during a big thunderstorm in Tulsa… and then to top it all off, this was the trip I had my infamous left turn into Whataburger accident on…

The only time someone other than me ever wanted to take a picture of my poor car…

I’ll have more photographic zeroes for you next Wednesday…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to Roll Over Beethoven

  1. Our poor car which is sort of like YOUR car is dying, finally, and cannot be driven any more. It’s too old to afford to fix. This leaves us with one car which is going to be a minor, intermittent issue. I hate when things get old and can’t be fixed anymore. I often feel like maybe I am one of them.

    • The yellow Sunfire? No! Don’t tell me the creepy crawly critters got to it! Someone I work with has a yellow Sunfire exactly like yours and at least as old… and it’s still on the road. I fear this recent post-bailout generation of cars will never last as long as the ones built over ten years ago have…

  2. Those old cars might get dusty (achooo) and get a pile of miles on them but by gosh they just keep on ticking – not so with the new stuff – they are all victims of built-in obsolescence just as everything ELSE is – especially appliances!


  3. Merbear74 says:

    I’m sorry about that snot rocket I just left on your steering wheel…

  4. Well…the outside is nice and shining. 😈 Cool that you got photographic evidence!

  5. congrats to the 100K miles!!!! only 200k to go then you get a present from your car maker :o) my dad got a card and a yellow basecap by GM… that misers, we hoped for a brandnew car….

  6. draliman says:

    It looks like you had a sand storm in your car heh heh 🙂

    My first car reached 125000 miles before I had it scrapped (it ran on leaded petrol which was already becoming scarce back in 1999, and was too old – 1985 – to be properly converted).

  7. Ally Bean says:

    !. Thank you for mentioning me with a link to my blog.
    2. How the heck you managed to drive and snap a pic at the same time amazes me.
    3. Swiffer feather dusters. Available at Mecca and other fine stores.

  8. Your car is just as clean as my son’s. He drove me to the drug store (I was trippin’ on cold meds) in my car because there wasn’t room for me in his. Sigh…

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