Shelf Critter Advent Calendar – Day 1

Many places begin the countdown to Christmas around the same time the last summer beer is chugged on Labor Day.  But here at The Nest, we like to do things the traditional way!  Yes, you can quit rolling your eyes now.  Welcome to the first installment of the 2019 Shelf Critter Advent Calendar!  You may remember last year, we roasted (and toasted) Buster in his own gory Advent calendar that about three of you were un-squeamish enough to actually read.  But this year, we’re going to give all the critters a chance to help count down the holiday season by having them come out each day until Christmas Eve and tell us what Christmas means to them.  And we can assure you SCT will maintain its usual standards of fucked-uppedness.

Alright!  Now that December is here, let’s peel back the first door and see which beloved Shelf Critter we find today….

Well, if it isn’t little Tina the unicornlet!  Let’s see if that old saying’s true about wisdom from the mouth of babes.  Tell us, Tina, what does Christmas mean to you?

TINA: Christmas means putting together my list of fun stuff I want Santa to bring me this year and mailing it to him at the North Pole!  Even if it costs my Aunt Scratchy about $50 to ship a thirty pound letter via the postal service….


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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22 Responses to Shelf Critter Advent Calendar – Day 1

  1. beth says:

    so cute – my cat has an advent calendar that we’ll be starting today as well

  2. Atta girl – make sure you give Santa a complete list now – whether it weighs 30 lbs. or 50 lbs. when the list is done, you deserve to be heard!!!!


  3. Outstanding! Advent calendars are straight from the nostalgia vault. Looking forward to seeing how this new feature modernizes a childhood memory into some kind of Gothic Horror show. 😈

  4. How’d you get the critters in that tiny little……never-mind, lol. Great idea Evil!

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Yay! Looking forward to each surprise critter behind those doors. 🙂

  6. draliman says:

    Ah, Tina. Full of the true spirit of Christmas…

  7. I admit I missed last year’s Advent, but am fortified to realize Buster survived (again) and has reincarnated (for the 50,000 time, right?). I’ll be watching eagerly for each day’s reveal…!

    • You missed a good old fashioned gory Christmas last year. Killing Buster 24 days in a row was very therapeutic….. at least for me, I’m not sure how Buster felt. But hey, I’m sure he’ll still get his day again this year to do what he does best… spilling his guts, and whatever was holding them together.

  8. Awwwww. Miss Tina. Starting off the month with a unicorn is always a good thing.

  9. Trisha says:

    Yay! My second Advent calendar ever! I’m with Tina. I don’t get in to most of the Christmas activities but I do enjoy getting what I want on Christmas morning. However, I save on postage by just doing my own shopping. It’s easier than trying to tell Santa where to find the odd things I like.

    • If everyone just shopped for themselves, it would make Christmas so much easier on everyone. But I’m sure the retail industry (my bosses) will keep that practical idea from ever happening…

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